Exhibition Review, Banu Cennetoglu: One day soon I’m gonna tell the moon about the crying game
Exhibition review for magazine Espace Art Actuel, Montreal 
Exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery London
29 Jun – 26 Aug 2018

Banu Cennetoğlu first came across “The List” in 2002. At the time, it indexed the names of about 6,000 migrants and refugees who have lost their lives trying to reach Europe since 1993. Then a photography student at Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, Cennetoğlu became obsessed with the classification, appropriation and distribution of the database. She was fascinated by the ways in which this archive testifies to the disregarded tragedies occurring within and on the verge of Europe’s borders. By 2018, UNITED for Intercultural Action, the NGO responsible for compiling the database had numbered more than 34,000 deaths. (...)